Adventure on Horseback - Horse Riding Holidays (Vacations)
Adventure on Horseback - Horseback Holidays
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Riding by the Sea - Galopp on Sandy Beaches
Unguided Trail Rides: Donegal Trail and Sligo Trail
Horse riding Lessons for Beginners over 30
Rider Meeting Page for Trail Riding
Horse Riding Vacations

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Opening Dates for 2019 Season:
02 May - 17 October 2019 (High Season 13 July – 24 August 2019)
Closed 04 July – 11 July 2019
Our arrival days are: Thursday or Saturday (10:00 a.m.)

Rinding by the Sea - Internet offer only: Riding by the Sea 4 day.
From Horse Holiday Farm you can ride left and right along miles of sandy beaches. You will have the opportunity to ride along the beautiful sandy beaches and the little inland trails. The horse is yours for the duration of your holiday, so you may ride as you please each day. As an individual or in a group, you will have an unforgettable holiday with lots of adventure, fun and relaxation.

Riding by the Sea

Donegal Trail - Unguided Trail Ride - Adventure on Horseback
Emerald Isle - Land of colourful rainbows. In the North West corner of Ireland: Donegal, the wildest and most romantic of all Irish counties. Its austere melancholy is unforgettable! Setting off from the Horse Holiday Farm, riders will discover this region and all its beauty.
Look at the pattern of grey stone walls around the green meadows, pass by dark blue lakes, ride through boggy hills and valleys and across chocolate brown marshland. Ride along rugged coastline, rocky cliffs and on miles of sandy beaches stretching towards the horizon. Unforgettable highlight: the crashing gallop across the white sands.
Our trails lead you over low hills, through remote mountain areas and across vast boglands. They are exciting and relaxing in all kinds of weather, in rain, wind or sunshine. Anything can happen; the Irish weather is full of surprises.
Contact to the local people in Ireland is easy; the people are open and very friendly. Irish people love horses very much and they like to listen to the stories their visitors tell them. You will enjoy their hospitality.

Donegal Trails

Meeting point for singles riders
We are offering wonderful self lead trails but it is not advisable to go alone, we prefer it if you are a minimum of 2 people, however, if a Trail is really what you would like to do we are offering you, with our help, the possibility to find a suitable companion whom you could get to know before you travel.

Riders Meeting Page

English Language Tuition and Horseriding
Horse Riding and English Language Tuition: Your "own" Horse and English Language Lessons - English Language Learning during your Holidays: For young people of 12 years of age and Adults.
Irish Family Holidays with the McElhill family in Ardmourne House: Joe, Helena, Jackie and John will look after you - round the clock.
Joe will make sure that you feed and groom your horse every morning.
After an Irish Breakfast we start the English Lessons in our classroom. Our qualified teachers will teach English for about four hours.
We make sure that students - according to their standard of knowledge - will get exactly the type of tuition they need. After all the work the fun finally begins: Your horse waits for you.

English Language Tuition and Horseriding

Horseback Riding Lessons for Beginners over 30 years of age
Horseback riding is a healthful pastime that you're never too old to learn. Even the novice older rider will soon be at ease and pleased with the sense of personal accomplishment and satisfaction that comes from learning to care for and ride a horse. You are never too old in order to learn something new..
We can offer you two weeks intensivity training to learn Horseback Riding - Very private - Very quiet - On the countryside of Ireland.
Lessons are conducted generally on a one-on-one basis and in a very small group setting (max. 4 Persons).
We have Horses to suit all abilities of rider. On arrival, we will match horse and rider. They are well mannered and experienced and very surefooted.You will be given a horse which is safe and quiet in all respects.
One of our professional Riding Instructors is with you at any time during your stay.

Horseback Riding Lessons

English Tuition for Adults
Ireland's friendly people and unique heritage of culture and literature provides the perfect place for your English language study.
You can explore Ireland's beautiful countryside with training the English language.
Accommodation and full board in Ardmourne House, the quiet country residence of the McElhill family outside Castlederg, Co. Tyrone, which features ensuite bedrooms, guest lounge, dining room and a games room.
Our Language School will meet all your as far as English conversation/fluency and Business English/Cambridge Level I are concerned.
Our experienced and qualified teachers has been teaching English as a Foreign Language for many years. They are qualified in International Studies and Communications Studies and have a full TEFL Certificate.
Three hours intensive language tuition in the Morning.
One hour break for a light lunch.After lunch one hour one-to-one tuition.Return transfer to Ardmourne House.
Now it is time for some relaxation such as walking cycling or horseriding along wooded pathways or on quiet country lanes. Golf playing on one day by arrangement.

English Tuition for Adults

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